Dennis Taylor

Founder of AdtoApp

Our team has been in the mobile ad industry for the last 5 years, and never found the right place to learn more about monetization practices.

So we decided to create this kind of place to share techniques and know-how based on what we've learned. Wish you enjoy it!

Thu, 08 October


How to get press coverage for your game? by Dan ‘Shoe’ Hsu. GamesBeat.

Creating excitement around your game at the time of the launch should be an essential part of Dan ‘Shoe’ Hsu your ma

Mon, 21 September


Here Come New Monetization Ideas for Gaming App Akinator The Genie

Akinator is a widely popular app featuring a genie who can “read your mind”.

Mon, 14 September


How language learning app Busuu came to success.

Antoine Sakho Senior product manager for mobile products. ------------------------------------------------------------ is the world’s largest social network for langu

Tue, 01 September


Everything you need to know about EA Sports’ UFC monetization strategy

Back in the day, EA Sports - a sub-brand of Electronic Arts - started as an original marketing strategy implemented to promote the parent brand. Now, the company's game simulations, kept as close to

Wed, 19 August


7 mistakes to avoid in game monetization: PES Club Manager use case

In the days of Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis, you had to buy the system, games, and controllers to be able to play with your friends and the costs added up. Now, you can download high-quality game

Tue, 04 August


Battle of the Formats: Banner Ads vs Interstitial Ads

Battle of the Formats: Banner Ads vs Interstitial Ads

Fri, 24 July


Use Cases for Monetizing Popular Messaging Apps

Recent eye-watering valuations for messaging apps include one of the largest acquisitions of all time, at $19 billion, for WhatsApp. When Facebook bought Whatsapp, it generated around $20 million in

Wed, 22 July


Visual Advertising for Music Apps

Using music apps allows you to combine visual ads with audio and subscription options. Using the right strategy can bag you a solid revenue channel, so let’s see what our favorite apps have managed t
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