Release Date Changes
4.2.0 2016-03-14 Version 4.2.0
- Provider libraries are removed from the SDK and located separately
- Updated Android Manifest rules, see instruction for details. SDK KEY is removed from Manifest.
- New initialization AdToApp.initializeSDK(Activity activity, String sdkKey, int adTypeMask). See instructions for details
- New setup callbacks method AdToApp.setInterstitialListener(InterstitialListener listener), banner.setBannerListener(BannerListener listener)
- New method for show rewarded AdToApp.showInterstitialAd(AdToApp.REWARDED);
- Load native ad method AdToApp.loadNativeAd(Activity activity, AdToAppNative.AdLoadListener listener)
- Permission READ_PHONE_STATE is now optional
- Updated algorithm for choosing an ad network to display
- Optimization of network, storage, battery, RAM, CPU usage
- Added new ad providers: Amazon, Yandex, Tapsense
- Displaying interstitial and rewarded fixes
- Removed old deprecated methods
- Personagraph disable ability
- Chartboost callbacks fix
- StartApp Rewarded fixed showing images
- bug fixes
- performance improvements
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