How to grow a unicorn

Mobile games & apps marketing guide

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Why you need to read it

  • This is a complete and actual compilation of mobile marketing knowledge
  • You don’t need any high technical skills to understand the book material
  • The book is for everyone: mobile app developers, marketers, entrepreneurs and investors
  • Based on actual current numbers and statistics in the mobile world

The following materials are covered inside

§ Beginning

Find your niche, choose a marketing strategy, app representation in the store, pre-release promotion, rules of app stores, creation of banners, beautiful design and trailers.

§ International marketing

Social media, blogs, email and push-notifications, internal analytics, A/B-testing.

§ PR, viral mechanics and reviews

The viral cycle, discounts and sales, conferences and exhibitions, reviews, promotion, marketing channels and alternative app stores.

§ Monetization

The costs of promotion, business model, in-app purchases, offline purchases, freemium and free-to-play, selling triggers, advertising revenue, “proposal boards”.

§ Advertising

Agencies, CPI and CPC aggregators and advertising exchanges, retargeting and remarketing, mobile RTB, advertising in social networks, incentive traffic, fraud in advertising.

§ Enter the global market

Global market entrance nuances, localization, accounting cultural features.


  • Marina Khaustova

    Co-founder of AdtoApp, innovative business executive, experienced in developing automated advertising solutions for European and US markets.
  • Nick Evdokimov

    Internet Entrepreneur, Director of Business Development at AppInTop, strategic director and co-founder of SeoPult. In 2004, opened the company "Content Laboratory”. In 2006 became co-founder of Internet holding Unmedia. In 2009, launched an automated search engine promotion system SeoPult. In 2013 became Director of Business Development at AppInTop.
  • Anar Babaev

    Internet marketer and entrepreneur. Been in online advertising since 2003. Co-founder of website builder, co-founder of contextual advertising control module SeoPult, AppInTop Platforms.
  • Charlie Jaggard

    An English freelance writer now living in the US, has been working with AppInTop and writing about app monetization for several years.
  • Yury Barbashov

    Producer, analyst, consultant in mobile marketing and development. Until 2012 conducted research activities. Was engaged in projects with SoLoMo category (social, local, mobile). Since 2012 - co-founder of mobile gaming studio CloudTeam.
  • Artem Gerashchenkov

    COO at Appintop and Adtoapp. Leads operational activities of a several start-ups. Has 15 years of experience in Internet marketing, 10 years of IT-companies management experience.
  • Denys Kravchenko

    Technology entrepreneur, Denys Kravchenko combines rich industry insight with complex technical knowledge in his role as the chief analytics officer and co-founder of AppInTop. Denis has 14+ years of experience in big data analysis and management, online business development and strategic expansion.
  • Olesia Egozina

    Chief Product Officer at AppinTop and AdtoApp. 7 Years of development team leading in high load segment. Author of professional articles in the field of IT management and speaker on SCRUM conference. Worked on similar positions at (b2b, more than 1 million professional users), (dating, more than 5 million users).
  • Vlad Shchetinin

    VIP Client Relations Manager at AdtoApp since May 2015. Teacher of “AdtoApp Lessons” series on YouTube, Coursmos and Udemy.
  • Egor Karpov

    VIP Client Relations Manager at Appintop company group. Speaker of many conferences. Author of a series of articles on the topic of promotion of mobile applications. Engaged in the development and practical application of new technologies in mobile advertising.
  • Nick Davidov

    Founder of Gagarin Capital Partners, one of the most active investors in AdTech companies in emerging markets: AdtoApp, Pult Group, IconText, Realweb Group, AdCamp,
  • Michael Bode

    Journalist, editor. Worked on magazines “Upgrade” and "The secret of the company” Collaborated with the publishing house "Mann, Ivanov and Ferber." Since 2012 - chief editor of the online channel SeoPult.TV.
  • “Finally I was able to obtain a new and clear look on mobile industry. Will be definitely using this book as a reference to app marketing and monetization”

    Michael, programmer
  • “At first I didn’t know what to expect. But after the very first chapter I already knew I wanted (and needed) to finish reading this book as soon as I can”

    Paulo, iOS developer
  • “I had a nice and relaxing read. Lots of details, this book makes me want to go and create my first mobile app”

    Julian, journalist
  • “You know, I was honestly amazed by how much information these genius guys were able to squeeze into the “unicorn” guide”

    Matt, marketer

Free book for “like” and email!

986 downloaded
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